Jaima & Monty

Special Workshops Sunday, Dec 15 ’2013

Whether you are brand new to dancing or are proficient in multiple dances, these classes will take you through the basics of Blues and Blues fusion. Even though we will focus on Blues, the lessons taught in this workshop will be applicable to any social dance, especially West Coast swing and Salsa, and we will give examples of how. Music will range from traditional Blues music to alternative.

2:00 – How to Please Yourself
3:15 – How to Please your Partner
4:30 – How to Accentuate the Art and Bring it Together

How to Please Yourself – After figuring out the mystery of partnering, we will practice varying your points of contact, isolating motion, and the mystery of breaks. This class will focus on ideas and thoughts on how to make sure that any dance can be more unique and satisfying because sometimes you have to satisfy yourself!

How to Please your Partner – Arguably more important than actually being able to connect to your own body, this class will teach the basics of connection and movement with your body and a partner’s. With this knowledge, we will learn more about how to connect with the music and our own movement.

How to Accentuate the Art and Bring it Together – Listen and dance to the music, phrasing and creating moments inside blues dancing because the moments MAKE the dance. 100% of dancers prefer partners that dance with the music and their partner over someone practicing 100 moves in every dance.

Cost – $15 per class or $35 for all three or, as a one-time special, if you are new in town to dancing, or a student, classes will be $12 per class or $25 for all three. If you know someone who has thought about dancing before, let them know that now is the time to try it out!

Remember to stick around for the potluck and dance immediately following!

About Jaima and Monty

Jaima and Monty both began partner dancing in Olympia, WA. Monty jumped into dancing with both feet, learning multiple styles of dance separately then creatively and seamlessly integrating them together. Jaima began dancing as a child, intermittently dancing and teaching until partner dancing sparked her passion, when she returned to the dance floor hungry for knowledge of new dance styles. Equally passionate about learning, Monty and Jaima quickly found a mutual love of dance integration and began to teach together. They have separately and together taught across Canada and the US, spreading their love of connection and creativity of dance.

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