Hip Hop with Alan-Michael

Alan-Michael, Hip Hop workshop & private coaching instructor

Alan-Michael Alston

Starting with breakdancing in the 1970’s, Hip Hop has incorporated a variety of dances within its culture from neighborhoods all over the country.  From the West Coast styles of popping and locking, to the East Coast styles of rocking and breaking, street dance represents all of the local dance flavors inspired by hip hop music.


Instructor: Alan-Michael
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Drop-in Lesson…………..$80
5 Pack……………………..$375
“Making a Commitment to Yourself” 10 Pack….$600*
*must be used in 10 weeks or will be re-calibrated to 5 lesson pack rate

2014-8 Alan-Michael Alston

Alan-Michael is also available for Private Coaching, Private Groups, Events, and Performances