70’s Soul Review

70’s Soul Review Concert Performance
Thurs, March 16th, 6:30-10p
Pantages Theatre, Downtown Tacoma

“Cocktail Hour” Setting the scene – having fun dancing to dj in the entrance and encouraging ticket holders to participate to transform them back from 2017 to 70’s soul world

Concert (bellow is the current plan – will be updated after Tues’ rehearsal and let me know if ideas hit you – preferably before Tues). Click on songs names to listen to songs.
Song 3: “Clean up woman” (Betty Wright) performed by Lady A, 2:45 min – all dancers groovin
Song 4: “Heavy Heavy Hangs My Heart” (Vera Hamilton) performed by Sotaria
Song 8: “Ladies Night” performed by NinjaKat, 6 min – all dancers set the groovin party
Song 1: “A Child of God” (Millie Jackson) performed by Lady A, 3:41 min – Ella
Song 2: “Bad Girls” (Donna Summer) performed by Sotaria, 5 min – 1/2 Hustle (James, Nat, Ella, Tiffany) & 1/2 gang of bad girls
Song 3: “So Much Trouble on My Mind” (Sir Joe Quarterman) performed by Jimmy, 6:21 min (might be some instrumental breaks – finding out Tues) – WC Swing (James, Nat, Ella)
Song 7: “I want to take you higher” (Ike & Tina Turner) performed by Lady A, 3:07 min – mix of WC Swing & Groovin (everyone)
Song 8: “Fight the power” (Isley Brothers) performed by Kim Archer, 5:00 min – Tap (Rico), footwork (James/Nat), WC Swing dancers
Grand Finale: “Wake up everybody” (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes) performed by everyone, 7:00 min – everyone

Rehearsals (bring costumes to check)

Tues, Mar 14
Time: 7-10p
Location: “Rehearsal Works Studios” 13704 24th St E, Sumner, WA 98390   map
I will be attending to finish mapping out what we’re doing. I know James will be attending with me. Let me know if anyone else would like to attend and if you would like to carpool.

Thurs, Mar 16
Time: 2p
Location: Pantages Theatre Tacoma
Chance to double check layout on the actual stage.

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70’s soul (not glittery disco but would be acceptable since we’re on stage)
From the costume director (costume and dance ideas link):
“I would say more street. Like similar to soul train, 70s casual. Funky, but not too glitzy. If some glitz makes it in there, that’s fine.. Enclosing a video.”

Bellow are a few things I pulled out of our costume closet that you’re welcome to try on (just schedule a time with me). We also have “Northwest Costume” down the street to rent or buy things as well as “Scorpio Rising” a block away (I will have a costume budget for you 🙂 ). Can stick with 1 costume or have multiple costumes – up to you. Props can be used. Again, I’ll get to firm even more up on Tues night at rehearsal with the band.