Virus time options

Help us continue helping you!
April 2020 – We are at a loss for words from the outpouring of love! We live to help people, contribute, and give back to our community and are right now overwhelmed with gratitude receiving encouraging messages from people wanting to help back in appreciation during this pandemic. It has genuinely touched our hearts and left us speechless. On top of the challenge of waiting until we are allowed to conduct all parts of our business (different aspects fall into different stages of the state’s re-opening plan – lessons for all ages (mostly adults & families), socializing opportunities & get-togethers, dinner tours, live music, travel, personal growth, events, indoor market for local artists, supporting other artists & venues, movies, community events, and much more), while we were using this time to deep clean, we found health challenging issues in our building. We simply, without question or doubt in our minds, cannot subject or risk anyone’s health to these issues so we are forced to raise funds to relocate Studio 6 – during a pandemic while income is little to zero – in order to continue serving our community as we have and in as healthy a way as we can. We have had the privilege of effecting & changing so many lives and we look forward to continuing to do that and stay true to the motto client’s gave us, “Changing lives one dance at a time”! To help in the interim, we have online video classes, our back-up studio, and other venues to use…we look forward to seeing you soon at some of the fun summer events we have planned!
Note: We moved to help ensure the health of our clients & staff. The owner of our previous venue was uninterested in updating his building to virus standards.
Bellow are some options in response to the beautiful requests to help that we have received.  Without you, we could not continue growing the dance scene in Tacoma. Thank you for being part of the team! With much love, appreciation, and hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. – Natasha, Wes, and the fur-boys