Private Coaching

Private coaching lessons are important to refining your dance skills. Individual personalized attention given in a private coaching session helps drastically improve your technique, musicality, partnering skills, dance vocabulary, library of moves and ability to create them on the spot, and movement tailored to your body, which will give you the confidence to dance well in any situation with even more enjoyment than you experienced before.

In a private coaching, you choose the dance(s), with the advice of a professional, because these types of lessons are tailored to suit your interests and needs to accomplish your goals whether that’s to be a fabulous social dancer, a performer, or a competitor. You are also welcome to bring a partner at no additional charge!

We want to make sure you are matched with the instructor that is the best match for your needs and someone you’re really going to enjoy your coaching time with. We are happy to offer multiple styles of instructors for your learning benefit and budget! Be sure to have a quick chat with us to help you find the right fit.

Remember! If you need to change your lesson, you must call 24-hours in advance to avoid being charged. This policy is very important because it gives us time to re-book the instructor.

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Drop-in Lesson………….$100
5 Pack…………………….$400
“Making a Commitment to Yourself” 10 Pack….$750*
*must be used in 10 weeks or will be re-calibrated to 5 lesson pack rate

Drop-in Lesson…………..$80
5 Pack……………………..$375
“Making a Commitment to Yourself” 10 Pack….$600*
*must be used in 10 weeks or will be re-calibrated to 5 lesson pack rate

Drop-in Lesson…………..$65
5 Pack……………………..$300
“Making a Commitment to Yourself” 10 Pack….$500*
*must be used in 10 weeks or will be re-calibrated to 5 lesson pack rate


  • Prices are for up to 2 people. For more attendees, simply add $10 per person for the 3rd, 4th,…person.
  • Each “Private Coaching Lesson” session runs 50 minutes. Multiple sessions can be run back to back (1 & 1/2 or 2 for example…1/2 with permission of instructor).
  • Scheduling can be made through your instructor, Studio 6, or our online registration program. Instructors are their own businesses
  • Lesson payments are to be made prior to scheduled appointment.
  • Lessons are suggested to be scheduled no longer than a week apart for better learning and retention (and in the interest of getting the most for the money and time you spend and respect to your coach!). “The Intro” package is $80 regardless if you choose to take one or both of the lessons offered in the package. “First-Timer’s Pack” & “Making a Commitment to Yourself” must be used within the same number of weeks as lessons in the package. It is up to the instructor’s discretion to recalculate the rate to the drop-in or 5-pack rate should you not complete the package in the time-frame due to health, injury,…
  • Payments can be made in person by check or cash or online from our web site using your credit or debit card for a small convenience fee and must be made to complete your reservation.
  • Just as any other professional service…If an appointment is canceled within 24 hours of your appointment time, you are still responsible for the instructor’s time for which they were unable to fill with another client; you will be billed for the full session scheduled. Within 48 hours, you will be billed for half the session fee.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service

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