Private Lesson, Group Class & Cancellation Policy

Private Lesson, Group Class & Cancellation Policy

We are excited to have you join our dance family and get you started in lesson.  We are a co-op of independent instructors working together to make you dance experience the best one possible.

Private Lessons

The best way to schedule is to book with your instructor directly, however emailing, texting or leaving voicemail works. Because we offer the highest quality instruction and training in the area we are extremely busy, as a rule it takes at least 2 week to get in instructors schedule(especially during group class hours).  When we have a waiting list we work hard to get everyone in as quickly as possible , however if you have not heard from us, checking in to see if there are any cancelation is much appreciated.  All private lessons must be paid for in advance, either online or in person.

Cancelation Policy

We work hard to accommodate scheduling to help everyone reach their goals and deadlines. If you need to change your lesson time let us know ASAP.  Just as any other professional service, if you cancel less than 48 hours before, or are not present for your lesson, you forfeit the cost of that lesson. If extenuating circumstances do not allow you to complete a lesson package and you need to request a refund, if the instructor & S6 agree to such refund, the package will be recalculated at the per lesson rate. If an emergency arises it is up to you to contact the instructor to see if there may be the possibility of a make-up class. However, make-ups are subject to the discretion of the instructor. Any payments for lessons are doing business directly & only with the instructor of those lessons.

Group Classes

You must pre-register online for pre pay/ pre register discount.  May also call (253) 905-5301, email, or come in person to insure enough space, enough registered to run a class, and for updates regarding the class.

For better learning, most of our group classes are set up to run from beginning to end of the month. Joining class after the 1st week requires permission from the instructor to join unless otherwise noted. Please call ahead.

8:30p Fridays feature drop-in “Learn a move” mini lessons and including dancing afterwards.

8:30p Wednesdays features drop-in Swing & Blues practice.

Series classes run 10 minutes shy of an hour allowing you time to digest the information given, practice, and ask any questions that arise from that.

Tuition is good for the series/month & class you have registered for only. Tuition is non-refundable.


“What if I miss a class?” No worries, you still get to learn! We will give you a ticket to our Friday night lesson & practice to use at your convenience! We want to make sure you are still able to move forward with your learning and the bonus practice after the Friday lesson comes in very handy!

If you are approved by the instructor as a 1 time drop-in, and it will not disrupt the class’ forward progress, $18 drop in charge. There is no guarantee of space or partner in class if you register after the pre-registration deadline.

Make up classes for missed classes due to injury or illness may be arranged through the instructor. See instructor for details & approval.

Instructor has the right to run a class with 3 or fewer students as a half hour private–at no additional charge to the student(s)

Any checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be subject to a $35 charge

We reserve the right to refuse service