Welcome to your new world of dancing!

We are very excited you have decided to join us in the fun! If you are a little nervous to start, we understand (we’ve all been there too!). We strive to make you feel as comfortable as if you were walking into “Cheers.” Studio 6 was created to be “your place.” Along with our main ballroom, we also feature 2 separate quiet private studios for you to begin in. Great opportunity to meet new friends in a comfortable environment or score points for date night.

Our online self-service site allows you to not only purchase your lessons online 24/7 but also request booking times when you are ready to begin. We can also assist you via email or text (253) 905-5301. Please include details.
Not sure which class to start with? Bellow are some helpful suggestions. Our “Getting Started” packages are a fabulous way to get dancing to any kind of music right on your first lesson, as well as find your favorite learning environment, in an easier way than you ever thought possible with our Master Coach Natasha Thayer’s special system. Be ready to show off some moves after your first lesson!

Q & A

“What if I don’t see an appointment available for the day/time that works for me?”
The “new client” spots may have filled up and we do book out quickly so be sure to plan ahead. Text or email us the schedule you were hoping for so that we can add you to our waiting list including on-going student spots that might have a cancelation available for you to take over.

“What if I’m not a “dancer?”
You don’t have to be a dancer to learn the action of dancing. Take the first step toward a lifetime of fun!

“Do I need a partner?”
No partner needed to attend a class or event. We have many new friends looking forward to meeting you and dancing with you! For example, our Friday night practice has an average of 3/4 of the attendees coming without a partner and/or ready to dance with all attendees.

“If I come with a partner, do I have to switch partners?”
No. While switching partners can be helpful in learning, we believe that it is not always helpful…it all depends on where you are at in your learning. If you are on date night, we know how challenging that can be to find and we appreciate and are honored that you are choosing to spend it with us.

“Can I purchase now and schedule later?”

“Can I purchase this as a gift certificate?”
Yes! You can do that right from our self service site 24/7! Click here to view our Gift Certificate page.

“What do I wear?”
Dancing is a great opportunity to be dressed up or dressed down; whatever makes you feel comfortable. Layers can be handy as you will probably warm up rather quickly. Shoes are the important part. In a perfect world, everyone would get suede bottom dance shoes just as they would get equipment for any other sport. But, in the meantime, just make sure you’re not going to scratch the floor or get stuck to the floor. A back-up pair of socks is the best idea. If you have non-outside shoes, that’s even better…think of entering a basketball court or racketball court in the gym, they usually don’t allow outside shoes.
“Should I find some high heals to wear?” Not necessarily. If you’re used to spending most of your day in flats, that’s where you’re used to your balance being. Remember, you’re going to be learning something new and the few distractions the better. Safety is also an important factor for us.

“How long should I go between lessons?”
When learning a new subject, you want to follow up as soon as possible with any of the options in your package. Generally a good idea not to go more than 1 week between lessons. If your schedule does not allow this, you package does not expire, just make sure to practice a little every day 🙂

“What is your cancelation policy?”
For private coaching appointments, please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice for full refund so that we can fill the spot with someone from our waiting list.
For group classes, text us ahead of time so that we have a better chance of balancing leads & follows in class so as to not disrupt the other student’s learning. By texting us ahead of time as soon as you know, your coach may be able to find a make-up session.