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1) Load an online giftcard with the amount you want
2) Choose a design or use your own card with the gift card number
3) email to the receiver or print it

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Need help choosing? We’ve got you covered! Worried you don’t know which item would be the best to give? We don’t want you to stress. As a matter of fact, it’s our job to take the stress away! Remember, it’s like a gift card. Your special person will receive a card loaded with your specified amount to redeem for what they choose on our menu. We offer a variety of dance styles…Partner Dances – Latin Dances, Swing Styles, Ballroom Smooth styles, Scottish Country Dance; and more! What we offer starts at $5 and up (more specific pricing can be viewed throughout our website and our self service site Mindbody). Our most popular gift card purchase amount: $100. Bellow are examples of starting out packages to help you out! Want more assistance? Text or call (253) 905-5301 or email info@Studio6Ballroom.com and we’d be happy to help; we getting to be part of the surprise! Once the receiver is ready to use their gift, they can redeem it on our self service booking site for classes, events, or appointments – all bookable online! They can also contact us via text, email, or phone. Click here to purchase yours now!

Holiday special: Give a gift, Get a gift! Get a Friday pass for yourself to enjoy or use as a stocking stuffer! Purchase a gift card of $50 or more then email us your gift card number with “gift card” in the subject line: info@studio6ballroom.com