The most inovative and creative studio in Washington. This studio has come along way in three years and deserves the title of number one studio in WA – Dncr

Hi! I just wanted to say that I really hope anyone who is skeptical about learning to dance or having instruction for the first time should really take a leap of faith and trust in Studio 6 and amazing master coach Natasha. She is the most caring, considerate, and knowledgeable dance teacher and coach. She definitely knows what she is doing – with National titles in Ballroom and from competing and coaching all over the world for many years. She is colleagues and a coach to many of the dancers you have seen on shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She definitely knows what she is doing – but she is one of the most humble and relatable people I have met. Natasha brightens your day with her exciting and happy personality, and willingness to help you and teach you! I am so happy that I have found S6B. After your groupon, there are going to be many other opportunities that you’ll find with S6B…from performance to competition 🙂 Please, get a groupon! I guarantee that you’ll have a BLAST! Studio 6 is Great! -SB

Professional Social to Competitive training for all ages and levels-amateur to professional-with the South Sound’s only Master Coach, National Title-Holder, Natasha Thayer! What more could you ask for?

Fun, comfortable, caring atmosphere for all ages–youth & adult! The owner & coaches just want to help improve your life and add some excitement to it!

way too much fun! – Shari

Studio 6 makes dance do-able for anyone….. no pressure style that allows you to uncover something that is within you that is a fun surprise. Natasha makes magic happen. – AuntieBea

“My fiance and I were nervous to start and beginning at ground zero when we made our decision to take lessons the week before our wedding. I could not believe that during the most stressful time leading up to a wedding, when we were completely wigging out and overwhelmed with everything we had to get done, not only did we accomplish more than we could ever have imagined in 3 lessons but Coach Natasha turned around our moods every time we had a session and took this from a chore to the most fun time of our week! Thank you so very much!” -SK

Natasha and Wes, you don’t understand how much of a difference in my life, and my classmates, what you are doing is. It is making a profound difference in our lives and making such a positive impact that I really needed right now. Thank you. -BD

You must try the fun Progressive Dinner Dances! Whether you dance or not, this event is a blast! Normally there’s different start times to suit your schedule, you join a group of up to 20 people (come yourself, with a date or friend, or make a group…great for networking!), you visit 3 restaurants then you wind up with dessert & coffee to live music at Studio 6! Kick back on the couches or get up & get your groove on! They are such a blast!

The quality of the dancing that is being taught at the Studio 6 Ballroom is very professional and appeals to all ages. The students leave with a very positive attitude toward exercise and life in general. It is a fun way to be active, enjoy good music and relate to others while moving and staying healthy. Students learn coordination, body movements, warm-up and cool-down techniques, and a skill that they can enjoy for a lifetime. There is no age limit on dancing. I have seen a beautiful change in a teenage member of my own family. I can’t recommend them too highly!! We need more places like this for our youth and for anyone who wants to be healthy and have fun at the same time!! – Connie R

What a great safe & supportive environment for all ages! – Roxanne

I am actually taking classes at Studio 6 Ballroom. Natasha is the best and nicest instructor i have ever met. Dan is so funny and great to be around. The environment is remarkable and indescribable. – Christopher B

The “Cheers” of dance studios, where everybody knows your name. Fun place to learn new dances and a fun place to dance. Instructors are patient, challenging and fun to work with. – Paty D

Studio 6 is the most welcoming dance studio I have been at, and the instructors are great at helping me through the many learning challenges I give them. – Wes

I would recommend Studio 6 ballroom because it is the club that beats the streets. It’s got a homey feeling of comfort and friendship. Its the best dance studio I have ever been to!!! – Cynthia A

The instructors are personal, knowledgeable and make learning o dance fun. You don’t ever feel uncomfortable even though you don’t know anything. – Karin

We took lessons there and the teachers are great, the atmosphere is friendly and the parking is easy! – Candace R

Great folks! Patient teachers! – Carlos T

Natasha is the best instructor ever, if you want to learn to dance she is the one!!! – Sheila H

everyone is so dedicated to the students and they are all very friendly and fun. there are private lessons and drop in lessons. I enjoyed the time I have spent there. – Maxine M

Natasha Thayer is a great dance instuctor and is very active in the dance community and the 6th Ave business. I have known Natasha for many years and have taken lessons and danced at her venues. Everyone should try taking lessons from Natasha. – William B

It is the best dance studio I have ever been in. The instructors are friendly, energetic, and very patient. – Peebles

Hey! The teachers there are laid back and have great personalities. The owner, Natasha Thayer is really cool! – Emmanuel

I live in Port Orchard and have taken classes by Natasha here and in Tacoma… Love the new studio. Always feel comfortable and never made to feel like I have 2 left feet. Instruction by Natasha has always been easy to follow and enjoy meeting new people. Studio 6 has been a great addition to Old Town Tacoma.. – Kathi C

Because it is a great space, great location, great people, great service to the community, always welcoming with awesome events. In very short time they have become an institution in Tacoma – Marisela

The instructor is AMAZING. . the people are great!!! Classes are fun and feels great. – Troy C

Excellent floor, fun environment, great teaching staff, welcoming environment – Laura S

This is a fresh new dance studio in Tacoma that not only teaches ballroom dance but provides live band nights to practice your new skills. It has classes for all ages and sponsors a youth dance team. The studio participates in the local progressive dinner nights on 6th Ave, being the last place on the route for desert and dancing. It also provides a wall for new artists to display their work. It is a dance studio that offers fun for families as well as couples and singles and it has become an integral part of the 6th Avenue neighborhood. – Marcia H

Studio 6 Ballroom makes dancing accessible and fun. Taking dance lessons there has been the best thing my husband and I have done for our marriage in years. I danced in high school. He never danced. Natasha has been able to help us learn to dance together–he even knows how to lead now! – Lynnette

Great atmosphere, excellent instructors and the dance studio is active in the local community – Lonnie D

Variety of classes, very friendly, hosts great events, Natasha/ Studio 6 gives so much to Tacoma’s community through volunteerism and sponsorship! – Sabrina P

Great folks there. Fun programs. A business deserving our support – Jim H

Dance instructors with professional backgrounds, great sense of humor, very friendly, and care about your needs! Highly recommend. Wife and I learned salsa for our wedding!!! – Halfrican

Natasha Thayer is not only an experienced dance professional, she understands that art is community, and she has created a community treasure which celebrates friends, companionship and dance. Her studio is simply fabulous! – Stephanie H

My wife and I took dance lessons, and my wife loved learning the steps and showing off at wedding receptions. – Dave R

The instructors are personal, knowledgeable and make learning o dance fun. You don’t ever feel uncomfortable even though you don’t know anything. – Karin

Looks like studio by day & evening venue by night–not a ballet studio (especially for those guys who are scared of the idea at first!)! Choose the fun big open space or small intimate private room depending on what makes you feel most comfortable!

The quality of their instructors is superior to many of those in the Northwest. Besides, dancing promotes healthy habits, both mentally and physically, and they offer a wide variety of dance classes in a beautiful, conveniently located studio setting. – Jacqueline M

Its a fun place to learn Latin dancing and the master coach is really friendly and nice. – Ruby

Natasha Thayer is the best dance instructor I’ve had in the fourteen years I have been ballroom dancing. This includes the Seattle and Tacoma area. – Karen C

Natasha is an excellent instructor and is extremely patient. Students are very comfortable with her instruction. – Doug Richardson, Mayor of Lakewood

Natasha is the best teacher that I know. – Jason L

Very community minded – Cary N

Because they are the best! And so generous with the community too. – Ana

Instructors are VERY knowledgeable and helpful, in addition to being excellent teachers. The studio’s relaxing atmosphere enables students to concentrate on learning, whether in friendly group classes or during private lessons. The energy level is even higher during dance parties, where everybody dances with everybody else, no matter what a person’s skill level in dancing is: at Studio 6 Ballroom, dancing IS the most important thing, but enjoyment is the key to good dancing. – Kirsten M

Didn’t think I would feel comfortable getting out on the floor & dancing but I did it…and at an event with a live band! I thought I’d be just kicking back on their couches enjoying the music! – A.M.

Because the instructor Natasha Thayer is a dynamic instructor.  I have taken several lesson from her. – kseratt

If you want to feel comfortable, have fun and learn new steps in an inviting environment and great teacher (Natasha)….I would totally say you gotta dance like noone’s watching! – Resource Gal

Absolutely fantastic studio! Best I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to other countries!). Not only great dance instruction but great events & dances. The Progressive Dinner where you visit 3 restaurants then head back to the ballroom for dessert, coffee & live band is an absolute blast!…and so reasonable!
– Roxanne

Welcoming comfortable atmosphere – Patrick

Spectacular instruction…excellent social venue for all ages! – Sydney L

What a cool place to hang out! – Chris

The Progressive Dinners with the rotating restaurants and the live band at Studio 6 is great fun! Everyone should try it! And I’m not a dancer! – Anastasia

Yeah I’m glad I was there (attending Monday night potluck watching DWTS). I don’t know what it is about the studio but bein’ there always makes me feel better! -Cynthia A.