So you want to do Competitive dancing!

So you want to do Competitive dancing! Here are some things to think about.

Natasha @ Seattle Star Ball

Our Professional Champion Natasha Thayer competing in a Pro/Am International Latin championship with her student

Dancing is wonderful part of life, and at Studio 6 Ballroom we want to accommodate whatever your goals are in your journey of Dance.  There are many way to experience dance from watching, taking group classes, private lessons, social dances and competitive dancing.  There is something for everyone in the world of dance.  There are many reasons why people choose competitive dancing.  Competitive dancing a great outlet to perform. It can help your dance progression as it tests what you have learned and gives a goal to strive to the next level. It is great for those who like to push themselves in a competitive environment.

Dance sport and social dancing both should be fun, however the end goals are different.  Just because you are doing social dancing does not mean to not use good technique, but the end goal is to just have a good time with whatever partner you have for that 2-4 minutes, and whatever it takes to make it a good dance for both parties is the end goal.  With competitive dance sport is there is a higher bar to achieve for.  Dance sport as the name implies is a sport.  As with any sport you have your coach, and teammates.  In Dance Sport it is very much a team of people working together to create the best possible results for the time you are on the floor. When competing you are representing your coach, your dance partner and studio that you trained in.

At Studio 6 Ballroom we are lucky to have a one on the top trainers and ranked Dance Sport competitor in the area Natasha Thayer overseeing the training.  Competitions are great experience and anyone serious about their dancing should do at least one competition at some point.  If you are thinking about doing a competition there are a few things we ask.

  • Plan for at least a 10 lessons for each dance you want to compete in

  • Know that to get good it takes practice, your should plan on at least 1hr devoted practice per week for every dance you what to compete in

  • You will need to have appropriate dancewear to compete

  • Understand this is a sport all dance training must go through your coach.  A Seahawk player would not go play for 49ers during the playoffs just for more play time.  As a dancer you do not seek training with other coaches(other than ones approved ) while representing S6.

  • Practice is a must! It wastes both you, your partner and coaches time to not practice between lessons

  • You coach will work hard to make sure you are in the right category for your level. however if not ready your coach may decide to wait until next opportunity before representing yourself and your team.

  • Your coach wants to make competing the best experience possible for you, however students can be fired if not holding up there part.  In any sport a coach will bench any player that does not follow through what they agreed to.

  • When looking to compete you are making a comment to yourself, but also to your dance partner, coach, and team as they a committing to you as well.

Natasha @ Seattle Star Ball

Natasha @ Seattle Star Ball