We’re surrounded by lots of fabulous and award wining restaurants, pubs, and bars plus craft ice cream! Park once and make a night of it! Check dates for our famous Dinner Tour & Live Music Nights!

Midweek Swing, Blues, and Fusion
When: weekly Wednesdays 8:00p following our West Coast Swing series classes. WC Swing, Blues, Fusion, and more! All ages.
Cost: $5 or included with tuition to one or more of the classes the same evening

Tango Practica
When: weekly Fridays 7:00p
Details: Tango practica 7:00-8:30p with mini beginner intro to Tango lesson 7:15-7:30p
Cost: $10 or $15 for Tango Practica & Latin Night

Latin Night – Salsa, Bachata & more
When: weekly Fridays 8:30p
Details: 8:30p sign-in, 8:45p Merengue mini lesson, 9:15p party lights go on! Open to all! Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Rumba, Cumbia, Swings…. Make a song request by taking a photo & checking-in online.
Average attendance details: up to 3/4 attend without partner and around 1/4 or more couples choose to stay together for the lesson.
Cost: $10 or $15 for Tango Practica & Latin Night

All Inclusive Dance Styles (Ballroom)
When: Check with us on dates
Cost: $10

All events and mini lessons are drop-in or, avoid the line and pay ahead online! All ages welcome.
What are mini lessons? They are a fun way to meet people before the rest of the evening dancing begins. They are beginner friendly learn-a-move style lesson built to be easy to pick up and to allow you a chance to get to know others to dance with once the party lights and music turn on.

More regular drop-in events:

Conscious Dance
When: 1st & 3rd Sundays, 5:30-7p
Details: Click here for more information
Held by: Tacoma Conscious Dance Collective 
Cost: $12

Scottish Country Dance
When: Click here to check dates
Details: 4-6p (Int/Adv 3-4p), no partner necessary to join in (will be rotating through partners).
Held by: Tacoma Scottish Country Dancers
Cost: $7

Tai Ji Quan by Amon
When: 1st Saturday of each month
Details: 12:30-2p
Held by: Amon Greene
Cost: suggested donation




June 16
Live Blues Music
A favorite & a client of ours playing at The New Frontier Lounge, The Stingy Brim Olde-Time Blues Project. There will be plenty of friends / students from our place to meet up with and dance
Don’t believe there’s any cover so be sure to tip the band!

July 8
Art on the Ave
Details: 6th Ave’s annual street fair! We’ll be holding an all day free dance party!
Location: Our neighborhood

August 3-5
Seattle Star Ball
Details: Washington’s annual Dancesport competition of all ages and levels, amateur, pro/am, and professional competitions and shows. Different styles highlighted different days. Also includes workshops.
Location: SeaTac Hilton Convention Center
Cost: We can help you navigate through your options.

August 17-23
Details: Festival de Tango, lessons, competitions, cultural tours, experience cuisine and more! Ask us for more details.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our 11 Year Anniversary! Thank you for being part of this community in helping lives one dance at a time!

Delta Classic
Details: Dancesport Competition
Location: Delta, BC Canada

October 19-21
Rocky Mountain
Details: Dancesport and Latin Club Competition, Workshops, Shows, Open late night dancing, touring around the city.
Location: Calgary, Canada

Sea to Sky
Details: WC Swing weekend
Location: SeaTac

Salsa weekend
Details: Salsa events
Location: SeaTac

December 1
Celebrity Workshops
Details: Zouk & WC Swing Champions from Brazil, Diego & Jessica enjoyed the wonderful energy of our students and wanted to return to do it again! More info as we get closer.
Location: Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall & Studios

April 12-17
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dancing, Touring, Competitions, Shows, Workshops

May 11-12
Portland, OR
Details: Dancing, Touring, Competitions, Shows, Workshops

June 16-17
Vancouver, Canada
Details: 16th – tour of live music, 17 -Competition with JJ’s, social, mini lesson and more.

June 28-30
Montreal, Canada
Details: Dancing, Touring, Competitions, Shows, Workshops

August 3-5
Seattle Star Ball
Details: Dancing, Competitions, Shows, Workshops

Aug 17-22
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Details: Dancing, Touring, Competitions, Shows, Workshops

Oct 7-8
Delta Dancesport Competition
Location: Delta, BC, Canada

Oct 7-8
Rocky Mountain Dancesport Competition
Details: Competitions am/am, pro/am, and pro/pro. Fabulous workshops.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nov 5
Instep Showcase
Details: 1-3p
Location: Lakewood Elks

Jan 18-20
Vancouver, BC Canada
Details: Dancing, Touring, Competitions, Shows, Workshops. 2 events in 1 weekend! Ballroom (All dance styles) competition with socials and more. Swingcouver WC weekend. Also “Dine Out Vancouver!”