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  • Studio 6 Ballroom 2014 Event Hall Rental Dancing Photo by Wanderlust and Wavelengths 8 8207311 600x600 Hall Rental
    Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall - Example of table set-up in our main ballroom
  • Studio 6 Ballroom 2014 Event Hall Rental Dancing Photo by Wanderlust and Wavelengths 4 11677811 600x600 Hall Rental
    Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall - Main Ballroom with some of our fun party lights & disco balls! Chandeliers are on dimmers. We've added more decor since this picture!
  • Studio 6 Ballroom 2014 Event Hall Rental Dancing Photo by Wanderlust and Wavelengths 2 14934436 600x600 Hall Rental
    Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall - A glimpse of our warm inviting sitting area with fireplaces
  • Studio 6 Ballroom Indoor Market Event Rental 672524 600x600 Hall Rental
    Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall - Example of an Indoor Market
  • studio6 3 15187293 600x600 Hall Rental
    Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall - Main Ballroom with some of our fun party lights & disco balls! Chandeliers are on dimmers and solid black curtains can keep out the outside light. We've added more decor since this picture!
  • DSC02307 3908375 600x600 Hall Rental
    Our custom feature glass mirror walls
  • DSC01871 5733364 600x600 Hall Rental
  • studio6 9 8868490 600x600 Hall Rental
    Soft curtains now hang between the mirrors creating a beautiful defusing of the lights surrounding them.
  • Studio 6 Ballroom 2014 Event Hall Rental Dancing Photo by Wanderlust and Wavelengths 7a 111045 600x293 Hall Rental
    2 glimpses of our small room
  • Studio 6 Ballroom 2014 Event Hall Rental Dancing Photo by Wanderlust and Wavelengths 10a 136832 427x600 Hall Rental
    A glimpse of our medium room
  • 2015 Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall and Studios Hall Rental
    Main floor - some of our included lighting options!
  • 2016 3 19 Wedding Reception at Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall and Studios Tacoma WA 1 3646296 600x600 Hall Rental
  • 2015 4 25 Wedding at Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall and Studios Tacoma 10t 100755 600x360 Hall Rental
    Summer casual wedding
  • 2015 4 25 Wedding at Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall and Studios Tacoma 87t 142195 430x600 Hall Rental
    We appreciate you back!

Welcome to

Studio 6 Ballroom event hall and studios!

Reserve Studio 6 Ballroom for your private function! Fabulous for birthdays, reunions, work events, holiday parties, small & large meetings, fundraisers, instructing, and more! We also have great referals to help make your event even more special! Pump up your event with a dance instructor to add unique and fun entertainment with a party styled lesson for the attendees so they can get their groove on for your event and/or a demo! Party instruction is also available on-location at other venues.
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If you're looking for space for teaching, practice, or small meeting space, click here.

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Event Rental Price & Inclusions

Rental of Studio 6 Ballroom for events starts at $599 for a three hour block (minimum 3 hour rental) and $120 for every hour there after. Rental includes our main ballroom, sound system, romantic lights, party/club lights, 12 tables of various sizes, chairs, 6 pub style tables, table & seat covers (small laundering fee), and more! That's several hundred dollars in rental value savings! More rooms available to add on or rent separately for smaller gatherings and meetings.

Your rental also includes clean up after the party saving you the cost of extra rental time and labor of cleaning it yourself instead of continuing your party with your friends on The Ave or getting home sooner to relax! Just grab your stuff and go!

Great Event Space for up to 99 people (more rooms for more capacity can be added). Half the cost of the rent must be paid to hold the date for your event. For dates on, or in relation to holidays, rental must be paid in full in order to reserve the date you prefer.

As this is a popular spot, tour times and rental dates fill quickly. Make sure to Book Your Tour Now! 
For more info email: wesrogers6@studio6ballroom.com or call/text (253) 905-5301 and leave contact info.

 More details under "Booking Details" tab above

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Book Your Tour

We look forward to scheduling a tour as pictures don't quite do it justice. We look forward to an appointment with you to give you our undivided attention and answer all of your questions as well as assist you with ideas from our professional experience. We suggest using our online booking system to request a tour time. 
You can also text or call us at (253) 905-5301 or email us at info@Studio6Ballroom.com

Securing Your Date   

Due to high demand we ask for 1/2 of the cost of the event as a non-refundable down payment. We have a first pay first rent policy: until we receive down-payment, the space remains available. Even if your are penciled in, until deposit is made, if another interested party makes their deposit first, they get the space. FOr dates on or in relation to holidays, payment in full is required to hold a date. We fill up fast so book your tour ASAP.

Before Event

Remaining amount must be paid no later than two weeks before start of the event, at which point the full cost of the event becomes non-refundable. If you, your caterer, or dj need to re-visit the space, or have questions, we have lots of ideas to help out.

Day of Event

Your set-up time is the starting time you have booked your rental for. You must provide a credit card for a $200 damage deposit just as you would a car rental or hotel stay. At the end of your event, we will update the paperwork if needed (if you chose to extend your rental time, if you choose to leave your trash for us to dispose of, extra cleaning above the norm, any missing or damaged items to our space or other spaces within our building's property), go over it with you, and settle any balance. Once studio management has completed cleaning of space (within 72hr of event) and found no damages, or extra charges, deposit will be refunded to card. Our personal goal is to do this in less than 24 hours.

Dance Instructor, trash removal, and extra cleaning above the  norm are add-on's and do have additional costs.
Rental finishes once doors can be locked for the night. Once you finish your event, all you have to do is sign out, settle any balance if there is any, and pick up your stuff and go. We are very happy to include cleaning in your event rental so that you can continue your party on The Ave  or get home to relaxing sooner. After your hard work putting together your party, you deserve to be done!

For our direct link to Studio 6 Ballroom Polices & Payment Agreement

You are welcome to cater your event as you prefer. For liquor permit for private events, click on this link: WA State Liquor Banquet Permit

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Popular Ideas

  • Birthday parties, anniversaries, special life moment celebrations, work parties, holiday parties, proms, reunions, receptions, weddings on a budget...
  • Have a themed party night
  • "Great Gatsby" Roaring 20’s, Disco, 80’s or a 50’s Sock Hop. Costumes available to rent just 2 blocks away at Northwest Costume plus several vintage clothing stores surrounding Studio 6! We also have live music bands that suit various themes plus other event professionals like dj's that we have already tried out and work with if you need any referrals.
  • Host a charity dance for your favorite charity. We can help with ideas, themes, and advertising- it feels great to give
  • Recreate your prom with your friends and loved ones

PLUS...We know party planners, DJ's, photographers, videographers, and more!
Sound system set up for your computer, ipod etc,  phone, CDs, microphone, or instrument.
We can probably help or give you leads!

Dance Party

We love to infuse your party with fun and entertaining dance lesson to get the party energy going.  Our Master Coach & Seasoned Professionals have developed party dance lessons that are geared towards entertainment and getting any one out on the floor dancing and having a great time. Ask us about lesson or performance add-ons. We suggest a half hour lesson for $100 to get people in the party mood - you'll be surprised how much fun it will add to the rest of their night!

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About Us

Studio 6 Ballroom event hall and studios was created to provide a unique space for events as well as a positive, encouraging, and fun atmosphere for instructors and students for learning and socializing. Studio 6 is a hub for social events like our famous Dinner Tours & Live Band Nights ...a place where a night club and a Ballroom collide.

Our mission is to provide a space that is easily customize-able (most of our furnishings can be rearranged) and turn-key to save you time and stress. We are very excited about the extras we have to offer to help make your event or party a memorable one. Our space has sound equipment, elegant lights, club lights, and disco balls, so that you can transform your event into an elegant dinner or a disco party.

We have tables & chairs on hand plus a variety of set-up options to fit your needs. Multiple rooms are available. If you want to really add some spice to your event, add a dance lesson to get the party going! Party lessons are formatted in a way to create entertainment while making it easy to learn some fun moves to use for the rest of the night. Your guests will be absolutely surprised! We look forward to making your party or event the talk of the town.

Owners and your Event Professionals

Wes and Natasha's combined ability for design and detail have been extremely helpful to events as well as saved a couple of wedding ceremonies!

Profile pic 2014 298x300 Hall Rental

Wes Rogers
Co-Owner and creator, Space Rental, Instructor

Wes has a great eye for design and can be exceptionally helpful, between his design background and experience with space rental, while you are figuring out how you want the layout of your event!

Natasha%20Thayer%20Pic Hall Rental

Natasha Thayer
Co-Owner and creator, Master Coach, Performer

Natasha is known across the US & beyond as a top ranking vibrant & passionate competitor/performer and an impactful coach. Partnering a vast background in music, science, multiple dance styles, stage and tv; charisma & electricity exude in every performance and teaching event. Natasha holds National & Global titles and you may have seen her or her colleagues she has performed with on tv. Her ability to come up with different teaching approaches at the drop of a hat makes her excellent at making event lessons that much more fun and tailored to your group!

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Live Music

We have quite a few artists we've worked with that we can recommend! Maia Santell & House Blend, Steve Stefanowicz, Kim Archer, The Happy Sinners, ...


Don't fee like dealing with food for your event on your own? We are surrounded by many catering options and have had the chance to watch several local caterers in action! Let us know if you would like some leads!

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