Wedding and Special Event Lessons & Choreography

Impress Family and Friends!

First Dance
Parent Dances
Wedding Party Dance
and other special events!
Hall Rental too!

Whether you’re down to the last minute or planning ahead,

with our expertise and experience in person and on tv shows,

we’ve got you covered!

Lessons make for a great “Date Night” to help you keep connected during the busyness of wedding planning as well as after the wedding to add a little spice & keep the romance going! Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall & Studios is located in the fabulous 6th Avenue District where you can find many award winning dining, shopping and evening options to round out your date.

Help us feel wonderful!

“My fiance and I were nervous to start and beginning at ground zero when we made our decision to take lessons the week before our wedding. I could not believe that during the most stressful time leading up to a wedding, when we were completely wigging out and overwhelmed with everything we had to get done, not only did we accomplish more than we could ever have imagined in 3 lessons but Coach Natasha turned around our moods every time we had a session and took this from a chore to the most fun time of our week! Thank you so very much!”

“I did not think my fiance would ever be able to dance. We had so much fun with our coach that we continued learning after our wedding!”

“We thought we would be able to figure out this dancing thing on our own but quickly realized that was not a wise idea! So glad we made the call for ourselves and my dad who has never danced in his life! Thank goodness the coaches are both so down to earth and talented”

Start Here

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Simply make a deposit under “Account Payments” to your online booking account and request a time for your first appointment. Appointments can be scheduled online or via email, text, or call. Please include details in your request such as what type of event, date of event, goals and music. Minimum deposit $110 (same as cost of 1 single coaching session if that ends up being all the time you can fit in). Your deposit will be applied to whichever package, or custom package, you and your coach decide will help you meet your goals once a coach has approved you to continue coaching with them. Our personal goal is that you look smooth and feel comfortable, skipping right over that beginner stage most people go through, more quickly than you thought possible, to best enjoy your moment. Don’t delay, best to start right away!

Music Cutting
Yes, we provide music cutting services! With our vast musical backgrounds, we can help you trim down your song to a shorter length or create a medley of songs for a fun number!

Event Entertainment
We have several styles of dancers under our roof with years of experience entertaining crowds with performances or entertainment styled lessons to help you make your event a favorite of your guests.

Rehearsal and Hall Event Rental
We rent for events and rehearsals! We have a our larger main room set up with elegant and party light options; our medium sized room set up with bright, elegant, and party light options; and a third smaller room. We have helped several weddings throw a great party! Check out our rental page.

Common Questions

When should I start? Should I start closer to my date?
We highly recommend starting as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to practice what you have learned so that it can feel more like second nature by the time your date rolls around….own it! Common occurance: the last 2 weeks leading up to your event, your schedule will go haywire! We also book up very quickly so be sure to snag your preferred appointment times way ahead of time.

What should I wear?
Wear whatever cloths make you feel good and allow you to move. Make sure to wear shoes that will not stick you to or scratch the floor. If you have them, bring the shoes you plan to dance in for your event as well – they will not be used the whole time but it is best to make sure asap if they’re going to work for you or not.

Will we learn to dance or just to do a First Dance number?
Lucky for you, our Master Coach has developed a system that will not only make it easier to learn and eleminates the multi-tasking initially, but you will be able to dance to any kind of music smoothly on your very first visit! This also means that you will be able to enjoy dancing through your whole event!

What if we haven’t picked a song yet?
Still get started right away. There is quite a bit we can do to get you dancing before needing your specific song. We can also help you pick a song or dance style!

Do I need to bring my song with me?
Usually we can look your song up online, unless it’s a special cut/recording, but it doesn’t hurt to have it on your phone or another option that we can plug into our speaker or our computer.

How long is each lesson?
Coachings run 3/4 of an hour each plus includes pre-lesson warm-up and practice after until you’re ready to tap out.

How often should I take my lessons?
We suggest no further than a week apart and be sure to practice to get the most out of your coachings and retention.

Definitely check out our official photographer we highly recommend: Michael Jordan Photography

Live Music
We know several musicians and bands! Let us know what you’re looking for.

We have had the opportunity to observe several and pick our favorites for you!
DigitalHitz – Brian Boyd 
Adam’s DJ Service

We had the pleasure to work with several wonderful caterers either through our events or our client’s. Here are just a few but please ask us for more!
Restaurants in the 6th Ave District
Gayle Orthe
Arnolds Happy Days & Food Truck
Party Tacoma
and more!

Event Space
Us! Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall & Studios
The Avalon Ballroom above Northwest Costume
Party Tacoma

Wedding Bell (across the street from us)
Nina Seattle (our official custom outfit maker who books up quickly)

We have had the chance to get to know professionals from every aspect of events that you can think of! Be sure to resource us! We can even help you find more comfortable yet still elegant shoes!

  • Each Private Coaching Lesson session runs 3/4 of an hour. Multiple sessions can be run back to back. You are encouraged to practice before & after at no additional charge.
  • Scheduling can be made through our online booking system, instructor, or email, text or call
  • Lessons are suggested to be scheduled no longer than a week apart for better learning, growth, and retention.
  • Payments can be made online with card or in person by cash or card.
  • Just as any other professional serviceIf an appointment is canceled within 48 hours of your appointment time,  or do not show up for your scheduled time, you are still responsible for the instructor’s time for which they were unable to fill with another client; you will be billed for the full session time.
  • Packages are good for the number of lessons in each one. There is no cash value refund. If there are any unused, they can be left dance credit for you or transferred to a friend. If you need a refund for any unused due to injury or illness, if the instructor has approved, the total number of lessons in the package will be recalculated at the drop-in rate of $110 per session, plus an admin fee, and the remaining returned.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service