Portland Open Dancesport Competition

Event: Fri-Sat, May 10 & 11, Trip Thurs-Sun, May 9-12
Downtown Portland Hilton


Car #1 – 11a Tacoma Joey’s car – Joey, Natashia,

Car #2 – 11a Tacoma Sarah’s car – Sarah, Kirsty, Wes

Car #3 – 10p Tacoma x’s car leaves [address] with Natasha and anyone else who needs to leave after classes

TO DO: Check into hotel, settle in, shopping optional, get food together, Latin Dance Bar.



10am-3p Rhythm/Club
Kirsty, Sarah, Natashia, Joey, Chris

Naps & snacks (couple of healthy quick choices within a block)

5-6:30p Workshop 

6:30p Dinner together

8p Evening Session
Optional (purchase ticket at the door): competitions, social dancing, shows
Pro/Am, Am/Am, and Professional



approx 8am-9a Smooth Dances
Alyssa, Sabrina


Car with Sabrina & Chris heads to Tacoma
Be sure to rest – highly recommended to fully enjoy the late Saturday night! Or enjoy downtown on your own or with us touring.

7:15p Evening Session
Competitions, social dancing, shows –
Pro/Am, Am/Am, and Professional.
VIP’s: event organized a thank you with food after evening session.

Reservations on the town after event. Wear white or silver!


Check out
Grab breakfast/coffee
Head back to Tacoma with



For anyone interested (we are not currently able to attend ourselves):
Betty Who is in concert Sunday night!

Spectators & Competitors/Performers


You have pre-purchased tickets. Please DO NOT bother the reception people or the organizers, they are very busy and expect that we will do our job taking care of our clients so as not to interrupt their work or confuse things due to inexperience. Natasha, Wes, or a designated team member will give you your tickets.

There might be volunteer opportunities with the event organizers.


REMINDER: Don’t forget to add your Hilton Honors number to your reservation!!!
Suite 5/9-12: Sarah, Natashia, Kirsty, and Sabrina
Room 5/9-12: Joey, Chris 3108264694
Room 5/10-11: Alyssa
Room 5/11-12: Devon 3111823288
NOTE: A change for this year…This year the event set up your hotel reservations with you paying the hotel directly to help avoid the mess I’ve had to deal with every year. YOU PAY FOR YOUR ROOM DIRECTLY TO THE HOTEL THIS YEAR.

Competitor’s Membership

NEW NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT TO COMPETE THIS YEAR. You will need to sign a waiver at the competition & provide your registration number. Click here to purchase

  • Pro/Am Student Dancer LIcense ($25.00) – Registration is required starting in 2019. Fee will be $25.00 per year.


Click here to find your dance schedule (link will be active when the event has made the schedule).

Be warming up in the ballroom at least a half hour ahead. It’s best to be in the ballroom 1 hour ahead as events are allowed to run a half hour early.

Let us know if you need hair or makeup assistance. Remember to check out the “files/documents” in the student facebook page. Tan ahead of time. If you’d like a quick spray down, check out HM across the street from Studio 6. Nails: Visey’s Nail Bar.

Smart to have snacks.

Videos & Photos

Videos must be ordered ahead of time through the professional video company. No other video taping allowed. Photos allowed but be sure to support the professional photographer there and let them know ahead that you are interested in photos (no obligation to purchase but then you’ll get some to choose from).


IS EXPENSIVE in downtown Portland!!! The Hilton parking is especially expensive. We have a parking garage we have used each year that is located on the next block for a much better rate, “Fox Towers” parking garage. IT IS SMART & VERY WORTH IT TO CARPOOL AND PAY PARKING or GAS FOR YOUR RIDE! If you are riding in someone else’s car, please pay for their parking or gas or I can divi all the parking up for trips where we have musical chairs going on 😉 If you are taking advantage of studio rental van, we’ll divi up the rental & gas so that you don’t have to think about it.


Events have special room pricing that disappears at least a month or more before the event date. If you missed contacting us to get that for you, let us know asap. The deal is the best around and extremely smart since the event is in the hotel. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll need naps to maximize your fun over the weekend!


Wes in 1st car down and taking care of Thursday events. (360) 473-6363
Natasha – Portland weekend organizer so please contact me to make arrangements for things Portland weekend related. I will be heading down after Thursday group classes. (206) 914-2422. I rarely have time to talk on the phone so text me.