Seattle Star Ball

October 1-2, 2021

Dancesport (Smooth Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Social/Club) competitions for all ages & levels – amateur to professional. Day sessions include all levels and ages of competitions (different styles different days). Evening includes championship competitions and professional competitions. Between and after, other Vegas activities.

Hyatt Lake Washington (Renton)


Attending competing: Kawika, Josh, Deborah, Kirsty…
Attending spectators: 

Schedule: Fri Day – Rhythm (Kawika, Deborah, Kirsty), Sat Day – Smooth (Kawika, Josh) & Int’l Latin (Kirsty), Sat Eve – watch Open Amateur & Profesional categories.

More info added here as it arrives 🙂

  • Carpool Friday 
    #1 – Natasha, Josh, Deborah, Sam
    #2 – Kawika & family
    #3 – Kirsty & Andrew
  • Carpool Saturday – day session
    #1 – Natasha, Josh, Deborah
    #2 – Kawika & family
    #3 – Kirsty, Devon & Andrew
    #4 – Marcey (day session only)
  • Saturday dinner & evening session
    most already there
    evening only: Dawn

Book direct with Hyatt or booking program if you prefer to stay at competition hotel.


Day sessions, $25 per day
Can be purchased ahead through Studio 6 (advised if competing so that organized ahead) or can also be purchased at the door.

Saturday Evening session, $70
Purchase ahead through Studio 6 to ensure a spot at table.

How to get your tickets
To avoid confusion for you and the organizers, we will pre-order your tickets as well as pick them up to give to you. Do not try to pick up your tickets from the event staff as they are not listed under individual names, pick them up from us (event organizers & staff appreciate this very much). Remember, you are on a tour…let the tour guide do their job 🙂

Best to order your tickets through us ahead of time so that you can be sure to have a seat with the rest of the group. With that said, if you find out last minute that you can make it to the event, we can still help you get tickets since we know the organizers (unless it’s sold out) 🙂


Photo & Video

Most competitions have a professional photographer and/or a professional video company to follow you! What that means:
-You can let the photographer know you’re interested in pictures to ensure they catch some of you that will be available for purchase. You are also still allowed to take your own pictures.
-You can hire (prior to dancing) the video company to video specific dances of yours you choose. You are generally not able to video any aspect of a competition unless the event gives you permission. However, when there is not a professional video company present, that generally means you can video to your hearts content!

Hair & Makeup

Make sure you tan as the lights can wash you out. HM Spa & Salon is a local choice. Best idea is to ask for the darkest level and sleep with it on as some will wash off in the shower (don’t shower until the next day).
Hair & makeup artists, including myself (Natasha), are available to hire at some competitions. You can generally find out on the competition’s website ahead of time and/or in the program you can purchase at the door (generally $5-$20 for a program). Depending on the schedule, I have also offered hair & makeup services at a discounted rate to our students. Check out online makeup tips and hair and face decorative jewelry and add-on’s – especially the “files/documents” section of the Students Facebook group page. Be sure to create your own kit of make-up and brushes. Local salons don’t always know competition makeup or hair styles. I do have relatives in the area if you need a referral.

Be ready to dance an hour before your approximate scheduled dance time. Be warmed up and ready to dance a half hour before approximate scheduled dance time. 

Click here for more on Competition/Performance Grooming

Click here for more on attending competitions


Fri team – Kawika, Deborah, Kirsty

Rhythm competitions

9a-9:10a Deborah
9:15a – 9:30a Kawika
12p Kawika
9:40a-10:15a Kirsty



Sat team – Kawika, Josh, Kirsty

Smooth competitions & Int’l Latin

9a-9:30a Josh
9:30a-9:45a Kawika
12p-12:15p Kawika
1:50p-4p Kirsty


Amateur championships
Professional Competitions


Click here for our team’s dance schedule:

Seattle Star Ball 2021 schedule

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