The instructors you find at Studio 6 Ballroom are a team of independent businesses that have chosen to come together in Studio 6 Ballroom to benefit the students. The team enjoys working together for the betterment and enrichment of our community creating a fun interactive and supportive environment for all. This gives those who love teaching the freedom to enjoy what they do best creating a better result for the students!
Studio 6 Ballroom (the event rental hall) & the professionals reserve the right to refuse business in order to maintain a safe and fun environment for all.

Instructors work as a team to help you in your dance goals which is what we believe is most important for all. One coach may work better for you at a particular moment in your learning, you may need the input of another or you may have a particular dance in mind that is a passion or specialty of another. Do not worry about offending anyone if you want to work with another team member. Not every instructor is the right fit for the moment nor is every student enjoyed by every instructor. Both students & instructors choose each other and it is of the utmost importance to us that you have the most productive and enjoyable time with us possible! Feel free to speak with Natasha or Wes for advice or feedback (much appreciated!).

Visiting Coaches

We are excited to bring in our Master Coach Natasha Thayer’s friends and coaches for your benefit. World Swing Champion & SYTYCD winner, Benji Schwimmer; Blackpool Professional Latin Champion and coach of professionals in all styles, Nadia Eftedal; and many many more!


More Dance Businesses and Dance Groups found at Studio 6…