Master Coach Natasha Thayer

Master Coach Natasha Thayer

Training Beginners to Professionals, Social Dancing, Choreography, Performances, In-house & On-location.

National & Global Title Holder
Top 3 in North America
Internationally known
Top ranking Coach & Competitor
Coaching All Styles & Levels - Ballroom/Latin/Swing, WC Swing, Tango, Country
with over 20 years of active coaching experience
Couples, Singles, Pro/Am Competition, Pro's, Am's, 
Teacher training
Emphasis on Quality & Ease
Has coached many of the
top professionals in the area

(206) 914-2422 / E-mail
"I reserve the right to refuse service"

"A very vibrant instructor, Natasha has a passion for teaching dance & an excitement for sharing it."

"You can tell Natasha would love nothing more than to share her passion with you!"

"Natasha is patient, encouraging, inspiring, intuitive, and understanding of your needs." 

"If you thought you had experienced Ballroom [Latin or Swing] before, you haven't seen anything yet!

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Natasha is known across the US & globally as a top ranking vibrant & passionate competitor/performer and an impactful coach. Partnering a vast & varied background in music, science, multiple dance styles, sports, stage and tv; charisma & electricity exude in every performance. Competing professionally, she gained a National Title, reached Top 3 in  North America and won a Global Championship as well as many championship titles.  Natasha has a passion for dance & helping others! She believes that dance can be therapeutic on many levels. She has a special interest in learning challenges and loves puzzles. Daughter of a nationally & globally awarded educational programming educator, now nationally awarded principal, Natasha has learned that a good instructor has many different approaches to the drop of a hat!

Whether you are learning for Social Dancing, Performing or Dancesport, you can expect to grow in confidence, respect, physical fitness & strength, social skills, feeling of acceptance & belonging, as well as more positive outlook on life, stress reduction and a natural aid to depression. With experience coaching other sports joined with experience in personalized teaching, Natasha can take you on a journey that you could never have imagined! You will find a lifetime of payback for your investment in your learning. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

With that said, it is of the utmost importance to her, beyond anything else, that student and coach are a match not only for the enjoyment of time spent together and best and more productive growth but also her hard earned valuable information and world wide connections. 


Moments that make Natasha continue teaching...
 - A bride holding back tears after crash course 2 lessons with her groom, who had never danced in his life,
watching a video of him actually dancing with her! And very well!
 - Watching a student's confidence grow and carry over into their life & job-search
 - A student realizing that they really can do this and that there's many different dances, looks, and directions to take your dancing. Especially guys who had the wrong impression of what dancing was. Especially guys that didn't realize they could take it
very simply with the focus on leading the partner around vs 'stepping' and it not only making him look good & not feel goofy
or 'dorky' but actually looking better than would ever imagine!


My journey with an autoimmune disease - PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
After having been 'sporty' & active my entire life and always fit due to it (that and a positive attitude & great people around me), all of a sudden I began gaining weight and feeling sick often. At first I thought it was due to having raised my exercise level so high from Dancesport competition and/or spending less time practicing for shows & competition and more time traveling, sitting on a plane, to studios as a visiting coach. But then, before I knew it, I had gained 60lbs! I hadn't really changed any eating habits, consider myself a healthy eater, and fast food places turned me off. I was also feeling nauseas all the time--like I had morning sickness 24/7! My energy was down, sometimes feeling non-existent, and it was a fight for me to make it through a day. This was a new feeling for me. I've always had such a high energy level that people would often assume I was on something! Energy drinks couldn't touch me! I would make dates to take my students out dancing then time after time have to bough out due to symptoms flaring up. Full of frustration and feeling physically & emotionally drained, I was getting to my wit's end. We were building Studio 6 while Wes was finishing his time in the Navy on graveyard shift & I was hitting the bulk of my that meant when he wasn't here trying to work on it in an exhausted state himself, & on the wrong time schedule, I was the one person holding down the fort & trying to wear multiple hats at once while getting only a few hours of sleep and feeling nauseous and exhausted. I most frustrated not having the energy I felt my students deserved from me.
Help: I thank my lucky stars for having such wonderful family. My mother referred me to a Naturopath (Dr Barkshire), who along with my G. doctor, diagnosed me and helped me at least exist again! After going through a deep 'master cleanse,' a natural supplement, and watching how many hours I sleep, I am worlds better! Still not out of the woods, I deal with several symptoms (not sure how I accomplished what I did before!) but now I can at least survive most of my days! I have also begun to see an Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist (Lisa Taylor-Swanson). A wonderful "coffee shop," called Caffe Dei, moved in across the street from the ballroom serving very healthy food including raw food dishes and I look forward to trying and learning from them. PCOS with possible Endometriosis is frustrating! 
I share this because I know there's a lot of you very frustrated out there like myself who may or may not know (very challenging to diagnose). I've read many blogs containing lots of cries for help. I know I'm very lucky to get as far as I have so far and that I have such wonderful support around me.
Update: I am very excited to have found Katie Humphreys and her support network! I look forward to learning more from her. Feeling some hope instead of discouragement after just an introduction is HUGE! Very excited to have communicated directly as well.
 Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details and/or contacts. I would love to listen & share in hopes of helping!