Tacoma Conscious Dance

Dance: 1st and 3rd SUNDAYS at Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall, 2608 6th Ave, Tacoma, Wa
​ Doors open at 5:00pm, dance starts at 5:30pm, doors close at 5:45pm, dance until 7pm.
Cost: $12 or 6 class punch card for $60

“We meet to dance deeply into a soulful connection with ourselves, others and community.
Following our own bodies, we enter a meditative dance-journey, using all styles of music from around the world.” – Ronny Temple

We can move whatever needs and wants to move in us ~ dance expands ~ spirit activates ~ boundaries melt ~ boredom ceases ~ creativity breaks out ~ all authentic expressions of emotion are welcome ~ we greet and come to know better our whole selves ~ communities collaborate ~ ritual is reinvented ~ consent is sacred law ~ the beat takes us deeper ~ light comes in through the cracks ~ we EXPRESS and HEAL and CELEBRATE through movement

What is Conscious Free-form Dance?
It’s all about moving your body in whatever way is right for you. There’s no choreography and no right or wrong way to move.  It’s movement that feels right in the moment rather than dancing to ‘look good’. Dancing like you might in your living room alone but with other people doing the same. It’s also exercise, a mood-boosting cardio workout. It relieves stress, and it’s meditative. It’s open to everyone – absolutely no experience in dance or meditation is needed! Many first time dancers report finding a new sense of freedom or movement in this safe and accepting dance environment.

Click here for more information on what to wear and details