Vancouver Challenge Cup
Jan 18 & 19 (17-20)

Dancesport (Smooth Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Social/Club) competitions for all ages. Day session includes all levels and ages of competitions (different styles different days). Evening includes more competitions, fun lesson as part of evening session to meet others, Jack & Jill competitions (random partner!), signature drink for purchase, social dancing, and shows. Here’s a link to their description of all the above!

Hellenic Community Centre – 4500 Arbutus Street, Vancouver, BC

Photos: Check out photos of previous years on their Facebook page
Vendors: Check out attending vendors

Attending: Natasha, Wes, Sarah, Natashia, Kirsty, Sabrina, Jennifer, Alyssa, Kristal, James, Tim, Joey, Benny & Marissa, Ali

  • Thursday 10am meetup (split Van rental): Wes, Tim, Sarah, Natashia, Sabrina, Jennifer, Ali
  • Thursday 10:30p: Natasha, Joey, Alyssa
  • Friday between 2 & 3p: Benny & Marissa
  • Friday after work: James, Kristal, Kirsty

Then we play musical chairs (or Chinese Fire Drill 😉 ) in Vancouver and for the return trip on Sunday.

House #1
Rm1: Natasha & Wes
Rm2: Sarah & Kristal
Rm 3: Natashia & Kirsty (Fri)
Rm4: Sabrina & Jennifer
Rm5: Benny & Marissa
Rm6 (2 beds): Alyssa & Ali (Fri)
Living Rm: Tim, Joey, James
Location: 2206 West 34th Ave, Vancouver (close to event)

**Bring sheets or sleeping bag if you have a tan!**

5 Bathrooms

Admission for Competitors
Everyone competing must have a “competitor’s weekend pass”
$95 Reserved Seating at a table
$115 Front Row Seating
$185 VIP

Admission for Spectators
Friday Day session $15 (easy to get at the door or pay ahead)
Friday Evening session $55
Saturday Day session $15 (easy to get at the door or pay ahead)
Saturday Evening session $55
Weekend Pass $95 reserved, $115 front row, $185 VIP
(ones in bold are suggested)
*Service charge for credit cards*

How to get your tickets
To avoid confusion for you and the organizers (and having to spend time fixing anything), we will pre-order your tickets as well as pick them up to give to you. Do not try to pick up your tickets from the event staff, ONLY pick them up from us. Remember, you are on a tour…let the tour guide do their job.


Photo & Video

Most competitions have a professional photographer and/or a professional video company to follow you! What that means:
-You can let the photographer know you’re interested in pictures to ensure they catch some of you that will be available for purchase. You are also still allowed to take your own pictures.
-You can hire (prior to dancing) the video company to video specific dances of yours you choose. You are generally not able to video any aspect of a competition unless the event gives you permission. However, when there is not a professional video company present, that generally means you can video to your hearts content!
**This event does not have a videographer for hire so, yes, you can video! We will set up someone to take video on our device.**
**This event does have a professional photographer so you can ask them to take shots of you, you can purchase shots they took, and you and teammates can take photos from your own devices.**

Hair & Makeup

Make sure you tan as the lights can wash you out. HM Spa & Salon across the street from S6 does spray at a good price. Best idea is to ask for the darkest level and sleep with it on as some will wash off in the shower (don’t shower until the next day).
Hair & makeup artists, including myself (Natasha), are available to hire at some competitions. You can generally find out on the competition’s website ahead of time and/or in the program you can purchase at the door (generally $5-$20 for a program). Depending on the schedule, I have also offered hair & makeup services at a discounted rate to our students. Check out online makeup tips and hair and face decorative jewelry and add-on’s – especially the “files/documents” section of the Students Facebook group page. Be sure to create your own kit of make-up and brushes. Local salons don’t always know competition makeup or hair styles. I do have relatives in the area if you need a referral.

Be ready to dance an hour before your approximate scheduled dance time. Be warmed up and ready to dance a half hour before approximate scheduled dance time. For this event, we can walk or drive just a few minutes to the venue. 

Click here for more on Competition/Performance Grooming

Click here for more on attending competitions



Wes is taking everyone that has arrived to hit the town – food, dancing, shopping etc
Optional movie at a D-Box theater (seats move!!!)
4:30p site seeing
5:30p Dinner reservation
more schedule to come for after dinner!


Friday daytime team – Wes, Sarah, Sabrina, Natashia, Jennifer, Alyssa – dances approx 12:30p to 3p.

Daytime (More updates coming soon!)

Pre comp: Get as much of your hair & makeup done as possible then check in with Natasha to finish it (bring your stuff).
Comp starts about 11:00AM. Looks like our section of competition begins at 1p.
Natasha will pick up tickets and have someone disperse them – Do not pick up from event staff
We warm up dances before competing.

Doors open 9:30a, Competition begins 10:30a
Pro-Am Standard & Smooth solo routines 
Pro-Am Standard & Smooth single dance  
Pro-Am Standard & Smooth multi-dance
Senior I & III Standard (Newcomer to Pre-Champ)
Senior I & III Latin (Newcomer to Pre-Champ)
Pro-Am Latin Solo Routines
Pro-Am Latin Single Dance & Multi-Dance
Day session ends about 4:30PM but we’re free to leave when we’re done dancing

We’ll take you out on the town to eat together!


Friday evening team – Wes & Natasha – 8:45p

Doors Open 6:30pm / competition starts 7:15pm
Amateur Adult Latin (Newcomer to Gold)  
Pro-Am One Dance Standard & Smooth 
Amateur Pre-Championship Standard 
Pro-Am 3 & 5 Dance Scholarship Latin
Pro-Am 3 & 4 Dance Scholarship Smooth 
Amateur Senior I Open Standard 
Open Amateur Latin
VCC Team Match
Social Dancing, Jack & Jill, and mixer
ends about 11pm


Saturday daytime team – Wes, Sarah, Sabrina, Natashia, Jennifer, Alyssa, Kirsty – approx 8a to 9:30a.

Daytime (More updates coming soon!)

Doors Open 7:30AM /  comp starts 8:00AM
Pro-Am Rhythm solo routines 
Pro-Am Rhythm single dance & Multi-Dance
Youth International Style Competitions
Senior International Style Competitions
ends about 5:30PM

12:00p High Tea at Adonia Tea House
Approx $27 + 18%grat + tax
5min drive/15 min walk from house

Naps, Downtown, Juice Bar, Favorite Macaron & London Fog place.

We’ll take you out on the town to eat together!


Doors Open 6:45 PM / comp starts 7:30PM
Pro-Am One Dance Latin & Rhythm 
Amateur Adult Standard (all levels)
Amateur Pre-Champ Latin 
Pro-Am 3 & 5 Dance Scholarship Latin
Pro-Am 3 & 4 Dance Scholarship Rhythm
Amateur Senior Open Latin
Amateur Open Standard
Social dancing, Jack & Jill and mixer
Professional Showcase 
ends about midnight

Anyone still kicking can hit the town.


Brunch together!
Optional movie at a D-Box theater (seats move!!!)
Head home

Any Questions?
Facebook Event
Natasha (206) 914-2422 (text best)
Wes (360) 473-6363